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Welcome to the Beacon of Democracy - USA

Switch Party welcomes engagement in political conversations. In the world's beacon of democracy - USA, we encourage registration and candidacy. We believe that when citizens are attuned to participating in politics, democracy is stronger, shines brighter and farther.

Voter Registration

The first step in democratic participation is registration. We support eligible citizens in Party choice selection and registration. We urge you to get up, register with a party. Align your political registration with your values.

Become or Support a Candidate

There maybe political contests or openings in your locality, state or federal. We assist you in finding out and with the necessary steps to continue your quest. If you don't want to be a candidate, find some local, state or federal candidate to support. Do something!

Political Participation

Join the conversation in Switch Party's forum and Sue Bird Leads Team USA in Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations |
Sue Bird Leads Team USA in Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations |

blog. Make a stake in the beacon of democracy. Participating in political dialogues strengthens existing democracies and ensures governance focuses on satisfying citizens' yearnings. Calling your representative to register your opinion is another way. That way, you are circling back to keep straying politicians on voters' tight rope.


Everyone wins when the people's desires are met. Participation is necessary to sustain democracy. Don't just vote and walk away because you'll agonize through 2, 4 and such year terms, before you have another shot. Let's hold up our democracy like our Olympians do in the parade of nations. Do you support political participation now or postpone till next vote? We appreciate your comment.

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