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Keechant Sewell Will Bell the Cat

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Old news! Security in New York city has come to a boiling point another old news. Mayor-elect Eric Adams has made good on his election promise to take the bull by the horn. He has chosen Keechant Sewell as Commissioner of Police to bell the cat. Besides her impressive resume, her sympathy for those in grief trounced others.

Calming the nerves

The mayor-elect has spoken. The pursuit of empathy as a social responsibility in police force will pullback the damage to public trust. The people elected Mayor Eric Adams because they appreciate policing.

The Authority of Force

Training, police uniform, the badge, bullet proof, guns, tasers, body camera, radio, vehicles, authority of the state, resources, support of the people; all these confers dignity and respect. Brutality and disregard of the life of the presumed innocent in rare circumstances, conveys no additional authority in the service of the people.

Belling the Cat

Commissioner Keechant Sewell must bring to bear her empathy as well as her experience. With the mayor fully behind her, she has all it takes to reign in on the disappearing security situation and perpetuate the goodwill of the people.


Voters applaud the mayor-elect and his choice of Commissioner of Police. Before their rising ovation dies out, let’s reinforce security, curb excesses and enhance peace. The people support the police and are watching!

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