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Questions for Eric Adams, the Mayor-elect NYC

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Many New Yorkers are expecting dramatic or even foundational changes with the election of Eric Adams. But are they wrong? While excuses might be made for other mayors before him, his electors may not tolerate or forgive any lapses from start to finish.

He Must Hit the Ground Running

As mayor, he will be overseeing security, businesses, tourism, social services, the justice system, and on. He will be harshly criticized, pommeled, cajoled, taunted, ridiculed, and even dismissed. What must he do? For a start, address the problems of those who are mostly in pain. Hardly will any lose a vote for helping the afflicted but many more votes will be lost for not doing so.

Opposition to be wary off

The strongest opposition the mayor-elect will get, and the loudest will be from those who have no political cost to their stand. The news media may not notice them but are the least of people the mayor-elect should join the fight with. Threats, harassment, despise and dismissals will not endear the opposition. Dialog and a reasonable accommodation will resolve all issues.

Questions for Eric Adams

What is the people's mandate? Will he take his time to select technocrats, experts, analysts, business bureaucrats - a winning team? Carry-on with the usual, tiptoe through the establishment, abdicate responsibility, call on old hands, be pulled here and there, confounded? Will Eric Adams be an extension of Mayor Bill Deblasio? The people want to know.

Understanding the People's Mandate

The mayor-elect has an enormous task ahead of him. There are many caveats to the People's mandate. Can the mayor-elect fully appreciate the history of the NYC Mayoral seat? Is he capable of assembling a winning crew devoid of sycophants and the entitled? Will he invite resumes and call for open competing proposals’ advocacy, before drawing up his team.

Does the Mayor have a vision?

Will that vision foremost carry the American race?

Can he take a prudent look at the foundations, the structures, spot the cracks, gauge the beams, align the pillars? Or will the mayor-elect whitewash the problems of the city, just to glide through to "tomorrow"?


Fast forward to 2025, things are still the way they used to be! The people will ask why? In recent times, former mayor Rudy Guiliani and Mayor Bill Deblasio ran for the presidential primaries. Everyone knows the mayor-elect will be bearing an enormous burden. What lessons must the mayor-elect Eric Adams take before assuming the office of the Mayor of NYC? Chip in your advice.

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