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Shortsighted or Farsighted

What does the "politician" see? Anything, everything, or nothing? Does the voter even care? I bet we will know on election day.

Is the voter tagging along?

Border problems, nationwide insecurity and inflation, the firing of the unvaccinated, high gas pump prices, rising food cost and scarcity, interests, loans, redistricting, insecurity in the homeland - carjacking, looting, arson, burglary, murder, hate crimes, scourge of illegal drugs and overdose, allegations of corruption, the war in Ukraine, world tensions, etc. Is the voter still with the politician? Every politician or candidate for election ought to take a stand!

Does the candidate care?

In any bid to dust off the voters' common good, what should the politician not do? Using orators or experts - the "big wigs" to explain away what the voters can see, feel, and live through, can be perceived as arrogance. To what end? What should a political party or candidate do or say to secure one vote? Voter maneuvering is common in politics. While propping up the party we and the banner, candidates must brood on the reality of the voters.

Will it fly?

Tax the rich! In terms of cost of goods, services, how will taxing the rich or "fair share" improve the lot of the middle class? Should politicians incite detest for the rich in a capitalist economy? Who are the entrepreneurs? Are they not the employers of most of the nation's labor? Also, will clinging on race pull up a struggling politician? With the treat to territorial integrity, insecurity, sideline of fundamental rights - self-determination, freedom of expression and association, which race is not affected? Given all that is going on, should it?

Correct and if possible, overcorrect

A candidate should always aspire to attain the benefit to all, then to most, and then to the other. While ideology and policy might gain political notoriety in some respect, pursuit of it at the exclusion of the wishes of majority cannot bring in the needed votes. You know what to correct. If you do not, you have not been listening!


Every candidate should focus on what will bring the voter to the poll for them. The most expensive is voter turnout. What is it about your candidacy that will compel the voter to head out to the polling station? Even when votes are cast along party lines, there are candidates that voters will not vote for or vote against. Candidates should take their stands now! Voters' will be on election day!

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