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What do the voters think? Every elected official or candidate for any office should think hard about what just happened during the pandemonium. The pandemic made trojan horse of race, religion, party, unions, family, news media, social media, doctor-patient, academia, comradery, and friendship. There had not been another time in recent history, where it is almost impossible to decipher who is who and for what? Even constitutionality and jurisprudence sparsely survived the trial in the “DEVELOPED WORLD,” but why?

Political Brood Over

While corporations, news media and behind the scenes unknown operators may fizzle away in time, politicians are not so positioned to. As such, should not be immersed in the fool's expectation that everything will proceed as before. Stroking what divided the parties, flaming the racial tensions, galvanizing the poor against the rich, making vain and unfulfilled promise, canvasing for donations for redistricting, gun laws and such hyperboles. As if they were not Americans at the receiving end of the stick during the CORVID. voters are not just informed but beyond that experience ones too.

Course 101 for Politician and Candidate

There are three nonnegotiable in the polity of the developed world: territorial integrity, constitutionally guaranteed rights, and security. Before you vacate your political appointment or candidacy to behind-the-scenes policy ideologues, ask the tough question. Endorse the solution that does not contravene the nation state for the pandemic, or whatever may crop up. It is no longer enough to be born American, you must be in it for America, to keep America, America even if, “Real Americans were caught sleeping!”

Avoiding Voters’ Payback

The police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, medical personnel, city officials, contractors, marines placed on leave without pay and or subsequently fired. Is it not proper top pay their times of absence and reinstate all with apologies. That way, never again will it happen in America of all places. Rights to self-determination, religious and medical exemption without consequence to others, of people not sick, able to carry on with their employment, have their rights trounced by the people who they cued up to elect.


Before we jump to the next grandiose thing, as though the pandemic never happened, let us note that thriving democracies today stuck to the dictates of their constitution and the enhancement of the same. Politicians are accountable, make restitutions, and reverse course. American or not, it is in the interest of the world that we do not allow this democracy to be topple by Americans or not.

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