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The Power of Vaccine Mandate Belongs to Congress

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Legal luminary and pundits will discuss till days end the blocking of President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate January 13, 2022. There is a salient point which every citizen of US and lovers of democracy everywhere should be happy with the Supreme Court's ruling - The framework of the founding fathers - three equal arms of government are still intact.

Congress Turn to save the Supreme Court

The US Congress can reciprocate in kind by not packing the Supreme Court. But first the senate must save itself on its own filibuster rule. But will it? The pride of US democracy is the continuous mechanism of its process. Compared with dark ages, I tell you - there, is the beauty of AMERICA.

House of Reps Saved the presidency January 6, 2021

Can you imagine the scenario where the House of Reps rejected the wining electoral votes? The people's election would have been annulled by the House. But they did not. No one has the right to destroy the framework of American Democracy, elected or not.

What should the presidency do for democracy?

The short answer to the subjective question is, stay in your lane. There are enough functions within the confines of the presidency to last a four-year term, why spend it in the tussle of making laws or deciding cases.

While Voters are Asleep

Voters will continue to be pawns in the political chess game. Whether by force or will, the only determinant is the degree of political participation. Nonetheless the people should rejoice that, democracy is still on the tripod stand - three arms of government in the USA. Call Reps, write a petition, register to vote, support, or become a candidate and vote


Is there a better democratic country than America on Earth? Democratic participants and dependencies in US must leave the goodness of the framework of this country for future generations ASIS. Especially, when founded on laudable principles - security, life, liberty, justice etc. Every voter appreciates this, participate!

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