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What Political Advantages is Policy of Starvation?

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Voters frown at starvation. Securing peoples means of livelihood and making food affordable is politically not negotiable. A politician or candidate for office must guard against been associated with the policy of starvation. During this pandemic, food shortages or termination of jobs will destroy the politician.

Who Starves The Citizens?

When food is withheld from supply, the cost of delivery of food is high or not accessible, the citizens are being starved. When any government prevents its citizen from supporting their existence, that is most likely to be perceived as cruel. If they survive the virus, starvation will kill them.

Bleeding Votes To Starvation Policy

Incalculable and irredeemable damage can be done to the candidacy of any politician who proposes, piles on, or impinges on the starvation of the citizens. Those who lost their means of livelihood politically will be unforgiven. More so, those who compromised their freedom to exercise their rights to liberty and values due to threat of loss of their means of livelihood.

Democracy – Let politicians speak as the subject of the people:

Corona virus variants are rampaging our country. We believe that the available vaccines are helping us stem the tide of the virus. We encourage masking, social distancing and testing requirement for large gatherings. If you are still unvaccinated, there is available information that will aid you in understanding the risk of this virus to you. If you choose to get vaccinated, there are various spots where you can do that. No matter what your vaccination status is, accessing information in CDC will help you mitigate the risk of the virus to you, your family, and our country. God bless America.


Losing votes to the starvation policy dictates of those who were not elected, be it the media, experts, interest groups, or think tanks, has no short or long term benefit. If there aren't enough votes left for your re-election, any program advantage will be left to your successor's discretion. Will the livelihood of a politician who endorses starvation be jeopardized?

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