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Winners and Losers Mid-Term 2022

After all political maneuverings - debates, pulling out "the big wigs", millions of dollars spent, who wins? The people, the candidate, the media or all! Can the outcome of this election spell out for the umpteenth time, the real do's and don'ts of politics.

Images from Financial Times and Donkey Hotey

Who owns the victory?

Can political analysts put their finger to what was responsible for a win or a loss? Now, with the way money is put into politics, maybe it is money that makes the call. Could it be the news network, the media and political pundits selling a narrative to the people? Might the voter tune out, cast a protest vote, or sit out? Or is it simply a hot candidate versus a scary candidate - the voter could not wait for election day to come!

Who bears the responsibility?

For losers, there is going to be a lot of blame. Foremost is the party! What did the party do to better their image for the candidate? Were the previous election promises fulfilled? Were there agitations that were dismissed? Is the voters condition made worse? Could the voter judge the political climate to be rife with calumny and if so, who's to blame? Every candidate of an election should be comfortable with the answers to these questions.

Square the blame

Abdicating the peoples' mandate to unelected officials in any guise spits on the voters' votes. Should the voters think that the representative is incapable of fulfilling their interests, there is damage! When a candidate becomes too confident by self representation, the voter becomes irrelevant. Freedom is a touchy point in American democracy. All attempts to limit the rights of the people will bring them to the poll for sure. Who will they vote for?

Is it all about the voter?

While opinion polls might be an indicator of where the mind of the polled voter is, it may be naïve to rely on it for election outcomes. Meticulously fulfilling the voters desire will definitely bring an enlightened voter to the poll for the candidate. Election outcome today may be based entirely on the performance of previously elected candidates. There is only a narrow window of opportunity to do right by the people before the next election bell tolls.


If you are not a winner today go and prepare. Sooner than later, the winners today will behave as they always do - think themselves special, talk carelessly, abandon the voters, sublet the peoples' mandate to the dictates of unelected officials, clamp down on the peoples' constitutional rights and standard of living. When this happens, pounce in the name of the people! There will never be an end to political swings; this is the hallmark of a true democracy.

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